Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wife for Real

Katherine agreed to a marriage of convenience to Jordan James in exchange for his help in rescuing her father from bankruptcy. Unfortunately their marriage has not turned out to be as amicable as planned and they have spent the past year seeing as little of each other as possible, only making the occasional public appearance together to avoid gossip. Now he's back and wanting to change the status quo. Katherine's brother has landed himself in major financial difficulty and Jordan offers to bail him out only if Katherine agrees to make their marriage real and have a child together.

Katherine's mother had numerous extra-marital affairs until finally leaving her family when Katherine was fifteen. Due to this, Katherine has a fear of letting herself give in to physical desire. She knows that she wants Jordan, but feels that enjoying sex with him would destroy her. This is the sole reason she has been rejecting Jordan. I would have enjoyed this book if the cause for Katherine's conflict weren't so ridiculous. She acts like a rape victim and has no real reason for it. It would even be more understandable if she had grown up in the shadow of her father or community members constantly vilifying her mother or something, but she didn't. Jordan was nice enough, but I spent all my time being annoyed with Katherine for being such an idiot that I just couldn't enjoy the read.

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