Thursday, March 11, 2010

Borghese Bride

Arianna Cabot and Dominic Borghese have an anonymous one-night stand. She gets pregnant, but since they never actually exchanged names, she can't tell him even if she wanted to. 5 years and an interfering grandmother later, they are re-united and married.

This was my first book by Sandra Marton. My complaints:

1. Dominic refuses to call Jonathan (Arianna's son) by his given name, instead calling him Gianni. Names are important; what kind of man goes around giving nicknames to kids he's just met? I think Arianna has every right to be mad about this, and she capitulated on the issue far too easily. There is nothing unreasonable about wanting people to address your son by the name you gave him.

2. The grandmother's manipulation and lies to get Arianna and Dominic to marry were transparent and annoying. No real reason or explanation was ever given for her actions.

Overall however, I did enjoy this book. Arianna is very angry and upset at the way Dominic forced her to marry him, and he does realise that he behaved incorrectly. The resolution of their relationship spans months rather than weeks, which is much more realistic than many romance novels.

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