Saturday, March 20, 2010

Virgin for Sale

Lisa Bond is trying to make a business deal with Constantine Zagorakis which will save her ailing company. He's playing games, and returns to his island before negotiations are complete. She follows him there to try and convince him, and he agrees to discuss business with her if she stays with him for the week.

This was my first book my Susan Stephens, and I must say it was awful. Other reviewers complained about the spanking scene, but that's not the reason I disliked this. I think the spanking scene was a pretty pathetic attempt to spice up the story. The main problem was simply bad writing. The characters are completely flat and uninteresting. The plot is ridiculous. If you were in business negotiations with someone and they left and were uncontactable by phone/email/fax, why would you presume to follow them overseas and show up uninvited on their doorstep? In what way is this normal, or even mildly acceptable, behaviour in the corporate world?

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