Friday, April 9, 2010

The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress

French model Xandra Fortune and greek tycoon Dimitri Petronides have been lovers for a year when Dimitri's grandfather has a heart attack. He blackmails Dimitri into accepting an arranged marriage with a childhood friend. Meanwhile Xandra has discovered that she is pregnant. Dimitri tells Xandra he is getting married, she tells him she's pregnant and ugliness ensues, resulting in him throwing her out of their apartment. Dimitri really comes across as a real jerk, but he spends the rest of the book feeling guilty and trying to win back Xandra whilst accepting that he has probably lost her love forever. This guilt went a long way to redeeming him in my eyes, and by the end I think I actually liked him. Of course he has a background angst story to explain his lack of belief in love, but it's silly and not really much of an excuse (like most romance heroes' so-called "terrible" pasts).

Xandra and Dimitri's reunion is surprisingly free of bitterness. There are some disagreements, but overall I found Xandra to be unbelievably mellow towards Dimitri. I kept expecting her to take him to task for the way he threw her out, and just when I was coming to terms with this being a fluffy feel-good story with no ugly scenes (apart from the initial break up) there was a nice big confrontation. Turns out she had just been bottling it up. I was pretty relieved when we finally reached this scene because it made them seem a lot more realistic.

The final resolution and accompanying long awaited confessions of love were a little abrupt, and there's a cheesy sort of epilogue. Nevertheless I really enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to reading The Greek Tycoon's Inherited Bride which tells the story of Dimitri's jilted fiancĂ©e who ends up marrying his brother Spiros. You didn't really think that there would be any lose ends with anyone not getting their happy ever after, did you?

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