Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Greek Tycoon's Inherited Bride

Phoebe agreed to an arranged marriage with Dimitri Petronides four years ago, but has decided to call it off because she is in love with his brother Spiros. At the same time, Dimitri has been blackmailed by his grandfather into going ahead with the marriage without further delay, and Phoebe is informed by her father that the family business will be destroyed if she doesn't also agree to the marriage.

We first met Phoebe, Spiros and Dimitri in The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress and already know that Dimitri will end up marrying Xandra and Spiros will elope with Phoebe. It's still fun seeing how it all comes about from Phoebe's perspective though. Spiros is really torn between his genuine love for Phoebe, not just as a lover but as her best friend, and his love and respect for his brother. He knows Dimitri is a good man and believes he will be a good husband, but he also wants Phoebe to be happy. I love his anger when he finds out Dimitri has not been acting the dutiful fiancĂ©e and there's a wonderful scene when he punches him in the face. I've got to say, he had it coming. One big question was why Phoebe couldn't just marry Spiros, since that would still achieve the goal of joining the two families. Various reasons are given for this, but none of them really hold much weight. Whilst this story lacked the passion that was in the Dimitri and Xandra's story, it was a really nice read.

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