Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Second best husband

Sara has been in love with her boss Ian for the past 10 years, but he has just announced his engagement. She quits her job (after a fairly nasty scene with Ian's fiancĂ©e, Anna) and goes back to her parents' home to lick her wounds. Before she goes, her friend Margaret has a frank talk with her, encouraging her to look at the possibility of marrying someone she likes and respects, rather than waiting to fall in love (with possibly another jerk like Ian). Sara starts seriously thinking about this, and meets her parents' new neighbour Stuart Delaney, who is, of course, gorgeous and perfect in every way.

This was a lovely book, but a trifle boring. Sara herself is quite a boring character, with no real hobbies, interests or much of anything to give her personality. Maybe this was the only type of character the author could envision being open to marriage without passion. Still, it was a nice read and I quite enjoyed it.

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