Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mommy for Rent

Kelly Rosholt married when she was 19. Two years later she finds out that she is barren. Her husband divorces her and remarries shortly after. She now runs a successful business, Mommies for Rent, which hires out women to help with whatever tasks mothers do (baby sitting, housework, organising stuff etc). One day seven year old Dani tries to hire a mommy because she feels different from the other kids in town who all have mommies. Kelly meets Dani's father, former pro baseball player Scott Delgado. Kelly agrees to babysit Dani until a full-time nanny is found. Kelly and Scott's relationship moves along in a predictable manner, until Scott shares his dream of having a large family. Kelly runs away, and only returns to Scott when she finds out that he was adopted and is a strong proponent of adoption (something her former husband would not even consider).

This was a nice read but I found the resolution of Kelly and Scott's relationship somewhat disappointing. I didn't like Kelly's presumption that Scott wouldn't want her if he found out she is barren, and I didn't like the fact that she never really had to grow a spine and risk his rejection; she only returns to him after she realises that he won't mind adoption.

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