Monday, April 5, 2010

You can love a stranger

Maddie is a late night radio host. Her boss, Con Osbourne, is currently separated from his wife Jill, whom he believes has left him for his half-brother Zachary Nash. Maddie falls for Zachary Nash, and though it becomes clear that Jill is in love with Con, not Zachary, Maddie believes that Zachary is in love with Jill. Meanwhile, Zachary believes that Maddie is in love with Con. It's all a bunch of silly misunderstandings and people making assumptions and not communicating.

The book opens with Maddie on a dinner date with Con. I naturally assumed that this was the hero, and was horrified by the description of him. He is 5'7" with hazel eyes, heavy black brows and blond hair. The reader is assured that he has sex appeal and a vibrant personality, but he just doesn't sound like a romantic hero to me! Imagine my relief upon discovering that the hero is actually his half brother.

On a side note, I don't think we ever actually find out what Maddie's last name is...

This was a nice book. Not particularly passionate or exciting, but it was nice. No annoyingly stupid heroine or needlessly arrogant hero. No angst or over the top jealousy. Just a nice, pleasant read to pass the time.

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