Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Marriage Truce

Jenna and Ross Grantham have been divorced for two years. After she had a miscarriage, he had an affair. Now Jenna is the matron of honour for her cousin's wedding, and Ross is the best man.

I normally like stories involving broken marriages being reconciled, but this was awful. Jenna finds out that Ross only slept with the other woman once, and that's enough for her to forgive him, accept all the blame on herself, and agree to marry him again. Yuck. Ross' excuse for sleeping with another woman? She was kind to him. Jenna also finds out that Ross slept with her flatmate Natasha. His excuse for that one? "I found her in my room, stretched across the bed without a stitch on. She looked spectacular, and it seemed - churlish to disappoint her... When it was over I called the cab and she disappeared."

Double yuck. Don't bother reading this one.

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