Monday, April 19, 2010

The Prince's Virgin Wife

Maggie Thomson worked as Tom Prince's housekeeper six years ago. She fell in love with him but they parted ways after he decided to marry the beautiful Liana. Unbeknownst to Maggie, Tom Prince is actually Principe Tomasso Scorsolini, the second son of a royal family. Tomasso comes to regret his marriage to Liana who turns out to be shallow and selfish. After she dies, he remembers Maggie who made his home calm and comfortable. He decides to hire her as his nanny to see if she is still as he remembers her. If she is, he wants to marry her.

This is the first book of Lucy Monroe's Scorsolini Princes (or Royal Brides) series. It was horrible.

Tomasso is cold-hearted, arrogant and selfish. Six years ago he almost had sex with Maggie, but she ends up changing her mind because she doesn't want a one-night stand with him. He knows that she is a virgin, but still gets so mad at her rejection that less than a week later he brings home Liana. Maggie had decided to sleep with him after all, and goes to his bed to wait for him, when he shows up undressing and making out with Liana. She leaves his room in shame, and he goes ahead and has sex with Liana. Then in the morning he has breakfast with Maggie and doesn't understand what she is so upset about. Six years later he still doesn't know why she was so upset. He tells Maggie that he was in love with her six years ago and treasured her friendship, but got swept away in lust by Liana. He thought by having Liana and keeping Maggie's friendship he could "have the best of both worlds". So in other words, just having Maggie isn't enough. He repeatedly makes it clear that he doesn't think Maggie is beautiful, telling her that he had decided he is no longer interested in outer beauty. Sure, outer beauty isn't everything, but does he have to make it so obvious that Maggie can't compete physically? It bothers her, but she still let's him bully her into marrying him. Maggie was basically a total pushover. She's fine with being chosen for what she herself terms her "Girl Scout" attributes. She's fine with being mother to Liana's children. Tomasso gets mad at her for rejecting their friendship after he rejected her, and she accepts that.

Overall, I've got to say, yuck yuck yuck. Tomasso is a selfish insensitive jerk and Maggie doesn't mind.

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